Hunting + Fishing


Hunters are always welcome to stay at Tomhegan Camps and although we are located in one of the prime small and large game hunting areas in Maine, please be aware that are also located in the middle of a Maine State Game Preserve. Loaded guns, hunting and dogs are prohibited on the grounds of Tomhegan.

Nonetheless, just a short walk or drive off the Preserve, Tomhegan offers easy access to many exciting opportunities for hunters. Our region teams with wildlife and affords hunters a vast amount of terrain in which to spend a few hours, a day, or a week. Some popular species of animals to hunt include partridge, rabbit, coyote, deer, bear, and moose. Each of these has a specific legal hunting season and set of regulations, which can be found at the website listed below for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

We urge you to inquire with the Tomhegan Managers about specific local area that are open to hunting and we always suggest you get landowner permissions prior to hunting any property.

There are many reputable local guides to help achieve the best hunting experience possible. If this is your first time hunting in the Moosehead area, our resident Managers can assist you in finding a guide.

Be sure that you have a license and an up-to-date hunting regulation book. For your convenience, you can purchase one at the store right at Tomhegan. You can also obtain from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. You may also visit the website to apply for special hunting permits. Resident and Non-Resident licenses are available at many area establishments as well.
Fishing in the Moosehead Lake Region

Fishing – Lake, Ponds and River


Fishing in the Moosehead Region offers something for everyone! A glance at any map reveals a number of bodies of water ranging in size from Moosehead Lake to ponds of only a few acres and numerous streams. There is plenty of action for spin casters as well as for fly casters; for novices and for experts. Some waters are easily accessed by car while others require some hiking and carrying. The popular fish species found are bass, perch, brook trout, salmon, lake trout (togue) and in recent year, splake. Although Maine has an energetic stocking program, many of the waters contain wild fish – a pleasure to catch and to see.

If this is your first time fishing in the Moosehead area, we recommend the use of a guide who will be able to help you achieve your goals and will offer a wealth of information on the great outdoors in general.

Our private marina and docking area offers canoes and boats to rent or bring your own with launching and docking available. Staying at Tomhegan gives you easy access to some of the most productive fishing areas on Moosehead Lake and the region.

Be sure to have a fishing license. For your convenience, you can purchase one at the store right at Tomhegan and also get an up-to-date fishing regulation book.