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Cozy Cabin Vacations with Kids!

Somewhere between a plush 5 star resort and a tented camping trip in the woods, we think you will find the perfect family vacation… a cozy cabin! Spending family time surrounded by the natural beauty on the shore of Moosehead Lake in a well equipped, authentic turn of the century log cabin is an experience that your family will treasure. In fact, we think it will become your favorite vacation of all!

With fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, you decide just how much “roughing it” you are up for. Each cabin and the lodge also have their own waterfront fire pit where you can plan elaborate campfire meals or just roast marshmallows. Camping rocks, but there’s something delightful about a hot shower after a long day in the great outdoors!

With everything there is to do in and around Tomhegan, a little advanced planning can make for a perfect week, rain or shine, especially if you have young children. A walk or hike may sound like a great idea to you, but we all know kids can lose interest quickly. Turn your stroll into a scavenger hunt for kids of any age by simply printing a list of things to find in nature; a green leaf, a white rock, a Y shaped twig, etc. Provide pencils and bags with the checklist and watch them engage.

Be sure to pack lawn games galore. These are often hanging around in the garage, but over and over we see families spend hours on the lawn by the lake tossing a Frisbee, or having heated beanbag-tossing contests.


If the weather doesn’t cooperate and you have some indoor time, planning ahead will make that work, too. A puzzle is a wonderful way to bring family members of all ages together. Choose one to bring so that everyone can look forward to the challenge. Find a spot at camp where you can start the puzzle and leave it for the week so everyone can contribute. Have a contest of some sort to see who gets to put the last piece in! Dig out the board games and be prepared for some epic battles.

Activity jars are great to have and easy to make. Before your trip, have your family brainstorm things they want to do. Write the ideas on a slip of paper; scavenger hunt hike, flashlight tag, rock painting, etc. and place them all in a jar. You pull one a day and do that activity. You can do this with your meal ideas as well.

Kids love traditions, especially when it comes to family vacations so go ahead and indulge them. Make a cabin playlist that everyone contributes to for vacation listening pleasure. You will find the kids want to listen to it on the way there, while you’re there, and much later on to remember being there. They also love the idea of finding “their room” or “their bed” in the cabin. Have them bring a special blanket, pillow that becomes their very own tradition.

With a little planning ahead, your whole family can be involved. Being “unplugged” is a hard concept for most of us these days, kids included, but a cabin vacation at Tomhegan makes for a perfect way to connect, enjoy and create unforgettable memories with your family.