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The Famous Tomhegan Deer Have Returned!

Each winter, in search of drinking water,  all of our deer find their way to Moosehead River once the shoreline of Moosehead Lake has frozen. They bed up with many other local deer near Maynard’s of Maine at the top of the Northern Road, where locals feed them grain and help them survive the chilly winter months.

As the snow and ice melts, all 30+ deer find their way back to camp. In March we began seeing their tracks in the mud and little snow that remained on the ground. Although we didn’t see them, it looked like they were coming through the woods behind Cabin #11, Margie, and walking down towards the lake to look for open water and then back into the woods behind Cabin #7, Flagg.

It was not until April 1st, when there was heaving rain and the temperatures rose to 57°F that we saw a few of our beloved crew return. The rest of the herd followed shortly behind and we were happy to see that they brought some new friends along with them.  Our seven fawns born this past spring are now yearlings and many of our adult does have beautiful pregnant bellies. We greeted them with some of their favorites; apples, oranges, potato scraps, carrots and of course their daily serving of hearty grains and seeds. We cannot wait to meet the newborns in just a couple of months. Stay tuned for photos of the newest members of the herd!