2016 Moosehead Lake Ice Out

Last year was a winter for the books. Moosehead Lake was covered in mountains of snow with the ice that hung on until May 5, 2015.  Yet 2016 had something else it store for us.

In the summer we felt the weather was off a few months.  The snow did not melt until the last days of April and Spinney Road was muddy well into June. September and August saw peak summer temperatures. However, this spring is coming early!

Usually the lake freezes in mid December, New Year’s Day at the latest. Right before the holidays, we had a few wonderful storms, but had a relatively brown Christmas. Unfortunately there were several warm and rainy days, taking away any snow that fell and testing the strength of the newly formed ice. It was nearly the middle of January before the ice was fully frozen and safe for snowmobiles and ATVs.

The ice fisherman were very creative and patient with the Old Man Winter. In January they fished with both rods and ice fishing equipment. The pressure ridges were quite the spectacle and February brought us the ice we remembered – approximately 12-18 inches thick lakewide. The Togue Derby stretched over two weekends and the lake was busy.  The first week of March was beautiful. Snowshoeing across the lake was a treat in the 40 degree weather and the sportsman were having a grand time north of our marina. Shortly after, open water fishing began in early March, inviting more fisherman to come with both sets of equipment. Our Marina had a large amount of open water and the pressure ridges were dangerous for ATVs and sleds. On St. Patrick’s Day weekend, it looked like the ice was going to go out. Thankfully the temperatures dropped for a couple more weeks, accompanied by a little more snow. Easter Sunday came and went and the open water traveled from the shorelines across the lake. The official ice out date for 2016 is April 23! The docks are in and the lake is ready for boats, swimming, kayaks and all the fun open water sports!

As Spring comes early, our May and June calendar is filling up quickly. Book your stay today! Summer weather will be at Moosehead Lake in no time!