What is up with the Painted Rocks?

Have you seen painted rocks around the lake? There is the awesome new project led by local community members in an effort  to inspire others to find beauty in simple things • such as a rock. This fun project is simple.


Moosehead Lake is such a beautiful area with incredible views at every turn! Moosehead Art Rocks is hoping you will take some time during your busy day or relaxing vacation to either hide some of your own rocks or look for some of those that are already hidden and share them online with us when they are found!

If you choose to paint a rock, please write #mooseheadartrocks so the next person who finds it knows what to do! Leave the painted rock anywhere on or around Moosehead Lake. Your artful gift is bound to put a smile on another’s face and make their day, or even vacation!

Let’s all have some fun and get creative together! We have started a pinterest board to inspire your creativity! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to learn more and see some of the awesome rocks are already out there and being discovered!