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Where to Kayak Around Camp

Kayaking is a perfect activity here on Moosehead Lake! Make sure to bring yours with you, or rent one from us! We suggest two different kayaking routes from the Tomhegan Marina:


#1: The best (in our opinion) is to take a trip up the Socatean Bay. If you time your trip just right, you may be able to see some Moose enjoying their breakfast, a bald eagle leaving his nest and many other animals in an area of the lake that is not populated by humans. Although the trip can be long, with a packed lunch and some sunscreen, it is well worth the paddle.

#2: Tomhegan Stream is the second best. Remember the little bridge you drove over just a few miles before you arrived at camp, that is Tomhegan Stream. Either leave the marina and take a right and continue to hug the shore before paddling into the stream. We have a lively beaver population just past the bridge, so keep an eye out for those incredible architects.

Both streams have designated areas which are protected from fishing. Biologists and wardens watch these areas, so please review the fishing law book before casting your pole.

Unless you are a highly experienced kayaker, we would discourage kayaking across the lake to Farm Island or Mt. Kineo. The weather can change quickly on the lake and the large open water areas frequently have waves that are unusually large and rough for a lake. It is always a good idea to stay close to shore and keep a weather eye on the sky.