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Savory Game Recipes

Hunting has been a rich part of Maine culture for many generations. Families gather every year to take to the woods and catch the game that will feed their family throughout the year. In preparation for this years hunting season, we found some fun recipes and great websites for both the avid life-long hunters and those new to the sport. Check out the recipes we have gathered together for you, some unique and all delicious!


First, visit Game-to-Eat. This website has ideas for everything from Partridge to Venison, with easy recipes, more challenging and decadent meals and even wine pairing! Some of our favorites are the Grilled Partridge and Venison Pie.

Another great website is Honest Food. Here you will find a wealth of information, from sharing with readers how to use every cut of venison to how to pluck and hang your upland birds!

Lastly, check out and stir up some traditional Maine favorites!

roast-venison-recipe-600pxIf you are looking for even more Maine game recipes, check out one of these awesome Maine Game cookbooks, available at both Northwoods Outfitters or The Corner Store in Greenville! As always we remind you to abide by the state hunting laws. Find out more about the laws and where to obtain a license at