Welcome Ice Fisherman – Ice Fishing 101

This year is going to be great for all winter sports, including ice fishing! Since a big part of Tomhegan history is centered around years of being a sportsman’s camp, it would be expected that Ice Fishing one of the most popular activities among our winter guests.

The sport of ice fishing has come a long way over the years. Fisherman now often use motorized ice augers and camp out in portable ice shacks for maximum warmth and added comfort on bitter cold days. Some are decked out with many of the comforts of home while others provide the most basic shelter from the cold. On warmer days, it is not unusual to see this rugged sportsmen facing the winter weather with just their winter jacket and a chair. Check out this article to learn more about the history of ice fishing.

Don’t forget to come and check out the 10th Annual Moosehead Lake Togue Ice Fishing Derby on January 27-29, 2017. The Natural Resource Education Center (NREC) in conjunction with the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife & Rick Craven host the three day derby with great prizes for the three largest togue along with a Grand Door Prize and great fish pool prizes each year. Learn more about this event  here.

New to ice fishing? Awesome! There is no time like the present! Always remember, safety first. Review this detailed Ice Fishing 101 information, get your Maine Fishing License and review the lawbook before taking to the ice. Make sure to stay warm, have fun and share a picture your best catch with us!

If you are in need of any rentals, just ask our managers!