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Accept the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit Challenge


Are you visiting Tomhegan this year? Make sure to put one or all six of the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit hikes on your vacation bucket list!

Samantha, one of our managers has hiked all six and is excited to share her thoughts on each with you! Many are great for kids, while some are more challenging with steep elevation gains. A few are close to our cabins while others are better suited for a day trip. Regardless, all six will open your eyes to the natural beauty of the region and get you one step closer to receiving your Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit badge! Before you get started, make sure to print out your application and remember to record the time you reach each summit. It doesn’t matter if you do one hike a year, or all in one week because there is no time limit. If you’re feeling super motivated, check out the ultra and winter challenges!

Perfect for all abilities: If you are visiting with family, these are two ‘just right’ hikes that kids will love, lots of perfect spots for picnics and short enough that you won’t be hearing “are we almost at the top?” If you have very young children, Northwoods Outfitters in Greenville rents backpack carriers by the day.

  • Mt Kineo: With several trails and in close proximity to our cabins, Kineo is the perfect first hike on Moosehead Lake for the entire family. Samantha suggests going up the Indian trail for the views and down the Bridle trail to be kind to your knees. A walk up the fire tower is a must to see the most incredible 360º view. If you have the time, the Carriage trail wraps around Kineo’s shoreline, offering numerous stunning views and perfect picnic spots.
  • Number Four: The shortest of the six mountain hikes, the Number Four trail was recently redone, making it more welcoming to hikers. When you reach the summit, the flora limits the view, but a small climb up the fire tower will reward you with sweeping views.

Enjoy Greenville after hiking: Both of the following hikes are easily accessed off of Rt 6/15 on your way back to Greenville. We suggest heading out for a morning hike and grabbing a nice lunch in town afterwards before heading back to camp.

  • Eagle Rock: In recent years, the Eagle Rock trail has been re-routed and lengthened. Now, it is a little over six miles long with a moderate elevation gain and a view that makes every single step worth it. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks and check out the Raven Ledge.
  • Big Moose: Big Moose is home of Big Squaw Mountain Resort which is a hive of activity during the winter months. During the three other seasons, this four mile round trip hike has a steep elevation gain, making it a little more challenging but also quicker if you have less time.

Do it for the Foliage: Although every one of these hikes is AMAZING during peak foliage, these two are extra special! Make sure to pack your camera, and your hat as the mountain tops can get chilly in the early fall.

  • White Cap: This is Samantha’s favorite hike. With the kind of views you think exist  only in pictures, White Cap holds a surprise around every corner. This mountain is on the Appalachian trail, making it exceptionally well maintained. Depending on when you hike, you may pass some thru-hikers, so bring some trail magic along with you!
  • Borestone: As an Audubon Sanctuary, this hike does have a suggested donation of $5 for adults, $3 for seniors and students (children under six are free). Half way up the trail you will find a visitors center and restrooms. The visitor center is full of information on local flora and fauna and also has a trail register. Make sure to sign in! Take note that there are two peaks at this summit. Don’t stop at the first one, push on just a little further for views that will amaze you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Samantha or visit Make sure to tag #mooseheadpursuit in your photos and share with us on social media. Looking for more hikes, Northwoods Wellness Collective organizes group hikes through the year around Moosehead Lake. Check out their Facebook page to see what they are up to during your stay!