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Each Spring, we get very excited not only for warmer weather, open water and wildflowers, but we also anxiously await the arrival of all the newborns. Fawns, ducklings, eaglets, kits and more make their appearance in May and June.

Fawns are one of the most visible baby animals in the spring. As their mothers often birth these young deer in the lawns in front of the cabins, it is common for our spring guests to see a newborn fawn take their very first wobbly steps. Don’t be worried of you see a little one on their own, as mothers often leave fawns during the day. Fawns do not have a scent while they have their spots, protecting them from predators. Also, as you can imagine, Tomhegan is a perfect place for a fawn to start their life, on a wildlife sanctuary. So far this spring, we have seven new fawns!

Mallard ducklings can be found following their mothers all in a row in puddles on the road, throughout our hiking trails and right on the shore of the lake. We love counting how many are in each family. In early spring, we often only see the male mallards at the troughs with the deer. As the ducklings make their arrivals, they can often be found under the trough while their mother tosses grain and seeds down to them. We have spotted one new families of ducks, with a total of five ducklings.

Last year we had three eaglets in our nearby eagles nest. This year we have seen two new eaglets! It is such a joy to kayak, canoe or boat over to their nest and watch them take flight on a warm afternoon. If you join us for a moose or lake cruise, we will make sure to point out their nest to you. Hopefully they be perched waiting for your visit!

A family of fox has been spotted a camp for nearly two years now. They make rare appearances, but when they do, they are awfully cute and friendly. We do not have as much interaction with them as we do the deer and ducks, so we encourage you to treat them like wildlife and give them their space. Wonder why we ask guests not to put trash out after a designated time? Well these little guys and the raccoons would love to eat your scraps! Make sure not to leave anything out for them to take.  

Tomhegan is home to several other families of animals. There are many other animals that you may spot while visiting, including but not limited to moose, raccoons, lynx, chipmunks, squirrels, beavers, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and lots of other types of birds. Keep your eye out and bring along an animal track guide and let us know what you find! Remember, although we are a sanctuary to all of these animals, they are still wild so respect them and their home.

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