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Have you heard? Last year we added Moose, Sunset and Lake Cruises to our list of services, as well as shuttles to Mt. Kineo!

Many of you come in search of the elusive moose, in a region where they outnumber people 3:1. However it can be tricky to spot them without knowing where to look. Let us help increase your chances of spotting one of these majestic creatures!

On a moose cruise, you will enjoy a relaxing and peaceful ride up Socatean Bay, one of the most tranquil spots on all of Moosehead Lake. On the hour and a half long cruise, you and up to 5 others will, with a bit of good luck, get the to see many different species in their natural habitat, including bald eagles, beavers, ducks and of course the grand prize… a moose! Our cruises, by appointment and weather permitting, leave the dock at either 6:00AM or 6:30PM.  We have found these times to be optimum viewing times and we generally have very good luck, however, as much as we would love to, we cannot guarantee sightings. The moose cruises are only available when the water level is high enough to enter the stream. Generally we can access Socatean May through early September.

An early riser can view incredible sunrises from the Tomhegan Marina, as the sun peaks up behind Little Kineo each morning. However, if you are sleeping in, as many vacations do, maybe a sunset cruise is perfect for you! The sun sets behind us at Tomhegan, yet a short boat ride can position you perfectly to savor the daily evening spectacle. These cruises tend to be a bit longer, as we position ourselves right before the sun’s descent and float until it is tucked in for the night. Bring the family or make it a date night!

Are you looking to explore the gem of Moosehead Lake, Mount Kineo? No need to drive to Rockwood to catch the shuttle there. Save yourself the 30 minute drive and instead let us deliver you to the docks in great comfort. Customize your trip by exploring the three hiking trails, pebble beach or the nine hole golf course and let us know what time you would like to be picked up. Read more about Kineo on our blog post here and at!

Did you have a specific lake tour in mind? Let us know! We can plan custom trips as well! All trips require a minimum of 2 people. Check in with the managers, Samantha and Jeff to plan your excursion today!


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