“The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir

Wondering what you should bring along for your hike? All you really need for a day hike is a good pair of shoes and the desire to hike. However, it is smart to toss a few items inside a pack to be a bit more prepared. Here is a sample of what we recommend you bring on a short day hike, such as Mount Kineo.


  • Water – Camelbak, waterbottles, however you bring it, make sure you have plenty of water.
  • Snacks – We love Larabars, RxBars, homemade trail mix, fruit, raw veggies and hardboiled eggs. Share your favorite trail snacks in the comments!
  • Bug repellent – depending on when you take to the forest, remember the bugs are generally more dense in such terrain. We love Bug Be Gone Spray from Maine Mountain Soap and Candle Co. You can find it for sale right in the Tomhegan store.
  • Sunscreen – It is easy to not notice the sun on your face when you are under tree cover, buy always make sure to take care of  your skin on exposed summits.
  • Map – Always bring a map of both the trail and directions to the trailhead.
  • Whistle – This is a great tool if you have separated from your group of need to be heard for any reason. Hopefully you will never need it, but it is safe to have. Many packs, such as Osprey have built in whistles
  • First Aid Kit – Just a small one with some gauze, band-aids, and benadryl. We always carry athletic tape, as it has so many uses from stopping a cut from bleeding to supporting a sprained ankle.
  • Long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt, Preferably not cotton – The weather can be completely different at a higher elevation, so always prepare for colder conditions. If you are climbing a gaining a deal of elevation, consider packing a hat, jacket and gloves.
  • If you are hiking during hunting season, wear ORANGE! Bandana, hat or shirt, just have something orange on!

If you are hiking a more strenuous trail, we recommend having some provisions in your car. A change of clothes, particularly a pair of dry socks, is highly recommended. Just imagine if you come upon some mud or the rain pours from the sky, riding back to camp would be no fun! Here are our suggestions.


  • More water
  • More snacks
  • A change of clothes
  • A change of shoes (sandals are a great summer option)

Need suggestions for great places to hike? Just ask our managers. Samantha has hiked most of the mountains in the region and will gladly help you find the perfect hike for you and your family! Also, check out Northwoods Wellness Collective on Facebook and join one of their group hikes.

Here are a few of our favorite hiking guides:

  • Moosehead Lake Activities Map – available in the office
  • Best Day Hikes Greenville, Maine by Greg Westrich
  • North Woods Walks by Christopher Keene
  • Family Friendly Hikes in Maine by Aislinn Sarnacki