As we settle in to winter with a windchill of -19ºF today, many quests are already thinking ahead and filling up our calendar with Spring and Summer reservations. Are you looking for some new activities to do around Tomhegan?  Why not try heading down to the West and East Outlets right off of Route 15 for some fly fishing! A great activity that you can do alone or with some friends.

Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you get the right gear! An 8.5 to 9 foot, 5 or 6 weight rod is ideal for trout fishing which is primarily what you’ll catch coming out of Moosehead. Depending on what part of the river you’ll be standing in, there will be certain flies that will make your day more successful. For those still water areas, dry flies are recommended, skimming across the top to attract fish to the surface. Wet flies, designed to go under water, are easier for beginners, since the margin of error is greater and it won’t scare the fish as easily when you do have that “oops!” moment.

As with any outdoor activity, safety is always the main priority. Having a quality pair of waders will keep you dry and allow for better traction under water against the river’s current. Waders also help for those colder waters, allowing you to wear layers underneath to stay warm and protect you from low brush on the river’s edges as you enter in. If the waters warm enough that you feel like you don’t need them, be sure to wear shoes with good grip to help with stabilization and prevent slipping. A good pair of sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun and splashing water but also help you see the fish that are closer to the surface!

If you are interested in learning more, there are many wonderful guides on the lake that would be more than excited to teach you this classic Moosehead sport! Ask our managers for more information.

Thank you to Melanie Farbotkto for being our guest blogger for this post! Interested in writing a guest blog for Tomhegan? Contact us today!