We are situated in the heart of logging country. Our driveway is located off the Northern Rd/20 Mile Rd. which is an active, dirt logging route. Please respect the trucks and allow them the right of way. All dirt roads, our driveway included, is a Pass at Your Own Risk. Although the driveway is maintained, it is still a woods-road that changes every season!

From points south –  Take 95 to Exit 157 in Newport, Maine. Take Route 7 to Dexter, turn left on Route 23 to Guilford and then Route 15 to Greenville. In Greenville, turn left at the blinking light and stay on Route 20 miles into Rockwood. Turn right onto the Moose River bridge and then bear right onto the dirt Northern Road/20 Mile Road. From here you will see signs leading you to Tomhegan! Continue on the Northern Road for 5.5 miles, then turn right onto Spinney Road. Follow Spinney Road for 4 miles and you have arrived! Please make sure to check in at the office before heading to your cabin.

Using a GPS or phone for directions? We highly encourage you to make a print out or take screenshots of your directions as many cell providers will lose service during your trip to our neck of the woods.