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Shed Hunting: Finding Moose and Deer Antlers

Every year during winter and early spring, groups of adventure seekers take to the woods in search of moose and deer antlers, also known as sheds. In late winter, after the rut is over bucks shed their antlers. Not to worry though, the animals begin to grow new antlers almost immediately. In recent years, shed […]

Each Spring Brings New Life

Each Spring, we get very excited not only for warmer weather, open water and wildflowers, but we also anxiously await the arrival of all the newborns. Fawns, ducklings, eaglets, kits and more make their appearance in May and June. Fawns are one of the most visible baby animals in the spring. As their mothers often […]

2017 Return of the Herd

For the past three months, our favorite deer have been bed up with many other local deer on the shore of Moose River, where they have access to open water and grain from the locals that sustain them through the chilly winter months. If you visited Tomhegan this winter, you may have spotted them on […]

2016 Peak Foliage

Peak foliage at camp was absolutely stunning! We have been snapping away, trying to capture the fall for those that could not be here. We have a collection photos here for you to enjoy! Some leaves start to change in early September and through the season different species follow, staging an ongoing show of rich […]

Our Family has grown by 6 Fawns!

We are happy to announce that our family of deer have grown this spring by six fawns that we know of so far! We believe there are still a couple expecting moms! Last year we were lucky to welcome seven new young ones to the herd. A herd of roughly 30+ white-tailed deer call our […]

The Famous Tomhegan Deer Have Returned!

Each winter, in search of drinking water,  all of our deer find their way to Moosehead River once the shoreline of Moosehead Lake has frozen. They bed up with many other local deer near Maynard’s of Maine at the top of the Northern Road, where locals feed them grain and help them survive the chilly […]