What is up with the Painted Rocks?

Have you seen painted rocks around the lake? There is the awesome new project led by local community members in an effort  to inspire others to find beauty in simple things • such as a rock. This fun project is simple. Moosehead Lake is such a beautiful area with incredible views at every turn! Moosehead … Read more

A brief history of Tomhegan Cabins: over 100 years of memories

Tomhegan Cabins are located on the northwest side of Moosehead Lake. There are over 100 years of history here. If only the dining room walls could talk, there could be many a book written about the guests that have graced these sporting camps over the years. Let’s start at the beginning. In the early 1900’s, … Read more

The Famous Tomhegan Deer Have Returned!

Each winter, in search of drinking water,  all of our deer find their way to Moosehead River once the shoreline of Moosehead Lake has frozen. They bed up with many other local deer near Maynard’s of Maine at the top of the Northern Road, where locals feed them grain and help them survive the chilly … Read more