Travel Tips/Packing Tips FAQs

Where do we go to see a moose?

There are several ways you can increase your chances to see a moose while visiting Tomhegan. From drives to moose cruises, our managers will give you all their suggestions upon your arrival that may differ depending on weather conditions and time of year.

What should we pack?

Bring your food, clothes, toiletries and adventure gear! We do also ask guests to bring their own beach towels.

Cabin Amenities

  • Drip coffee maker and coffee filters. Just bring the coffee!
  • Microwave, toaster, refrigerator, propane stove, cookware and utensils.
  • Paper towels, dish soap, dishcloth, hand soap, bathmat and toilet paper.
  • Sheets and pillows
  • Private waterfront fire pit. Although we do provide some wood for the fire pits, guests are welcome to bring their own as well (as long as it is brought from within the Maine state lines) or can take anything dead from around the property!
  • Propane grills. We provide the propane!
  • Note: An AED is available at the Tomhegan Office.

What rentals do you offer?

We offer 9.9HP Lund Boats, kayaks and canoe rentals at a weekly or daily rate. Please inquire directly with managers. You may reserve them ahead of time or when you arrive.

Do you offer cruises?

Unfortunately, we do not offer cruises from our property. The Kineo Golf Club offers shuttles to and from Mt. Kineo, The Birches offers a few different types of Moose tours (land and boat), then there is the infamous Steamboat Katahdin located in Greenville.

What are the store hours?

The store hours are generally 8-10AM and 3-5PM. However, management lives on site, so please come to office in case of an emergency. Our phone is a cell phone, so feel free to call us if we are off-site or you are unable to find us. 207-534-7712.

What is your mailing address?

PO Box 310 Rockwood, ME 04478

Where is the closest grocery store?

Indian Hill Supermarket in Greenville, 45 minutes south of Tomhegan, is the closest full size grocery store. Some items may be found at the Rockwood Convenience Store. We encourage all guests to arrive with all of your groceries ahead of time.

Where is the closest gas station?

Rockwood Convenience Store is the closest place by road. If you are looking for gas for your boat, the closest is at the Birches Marina.

Where is the closest place to buy ice?

We carry ice in our camp store.

Where can we buy fishing bait?

Located just past the Moose River Bridge in Rockwood, Moosehead Bait and Tackle is your one stop shop for all your fishing needs throughout the year. we carry a small amount of trout worms in the camp store.

Where is the closest tagging station?

Rockwood Convenience Store is the closest tagging station.

How do we get to Mt Kineo?

The Kineo Golf Club offer shuttles on a season basis. Contact us for specifics, as rates and schedules can change.


Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or by calling us at 207-534-7712.