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Simple and Great Crock Pot Meals

Want to spend all your time outside with your friends and family when you visit? We have the perfect solution! Make meals simple by bringing along your crockpot. Here are a few of our favorite crockpot recipes while we are out playing in the snow during the winter or splashing in the lake in the […]

Savory Game Recipes

Hunting has been a rich part of Maine culture for many generations. Families gather every year to take to the woods and catch the game that will feed their family throughout the year. In preparation for this years hunting season, we found some fun recipes and great websites for both the avid life-long hunters and […]

Fun and Simple Campfire Dinner Recipes

So many of our guests here at Tomhegan look forward to cooking family dinners on an open campfire. We know we do! There is nothing better than preparing and eating a yummy breakfast or dinner lakeside on a beautiful day. We have seen some real creativity when it comes to campfire dinner recipes and shared some […]

Campfires – Not Just S’mores Anymore!

At any given time during the year there is bound to be the crackle of a campfire in one or more of the fire pits here at Tomhegan Camps on beautiful Moosehead Lake.  It’s great to see families and friends gather around the fire in the evening or cooking breakfast on a crisp autumn morning.  […]